This is the basic rules for founding a new faction in RF. We want to encourage new factions to eurpt, but they must remain acurate, and large to make the role play fun.

City StatesEdit

Any city that is not part of an Empire can form one if the city is part of an empire it may attempt an Uprising . A city state is a single city or group of small settlements under the control of a small government that is not centralised or very uncentralised.


Gangs may exsist inside cities and it is not possible for them to hold borders. If a gang holds a border it becomes a tribe. If a gang does not fall under City State or Empire it will fall here.


A large centralized state with a working government and military. They may be allowed to have faction relations between other empires, hold borders and conduct trades.


An orginisation that lives within city states and empires. Designed to make profit through trade, gambling, and protection.

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