Fallout World2

Fallout World Circa 2077

Each faction has a minium of 1 province and in that one province is either an outpost, fort, settlement, or city. If you have a city you cannot have a settlement and if you have a fort you cannot have a outpost and vice versa. To eliminate a faction, you need to take all of their province, or vassalise the faction -forcing their leaders to into submission and accepting your superiority as a leader. In order for wars to be consitered offical not just petty raids, you need a Casus Belli (Cause of War). Also in order for a faction to be able to go to war, both the agressor and defender faction must have 20 members at least. (alt accounts, foreign emissaries, and people from vassal houses do not count towards this number). 

Possible Cause of Wars:Edit

Holy War (If the defender converts to the attackers religion, the war ends)

Claim War (Only avalible if fabricated by somone or if the person owned that province previously but lost it)

War for the Old World (Only avalible for Brotherhood or Enclave factions. If they deem a region nessiary for the preservation of America or the knowlage of mankind they may attack legaly)

War for the Old Union (Only avalible for Enclvave factions. If they deem a region nessiary for the rebuilding of America they may attack legaly)

Colonial Conquest (Due to a neighbouring faction having a diferent culture and religion may have them viewed as savages allowing legal attacks to take land)

Civil war (Applicable due to disagressments with subject factions and ruling factions, they result in independnance from the faction or become vassalised by another faction)

Rules Regarding MercenariesEdit

Mercearies are the hiring soldiers from other factions and certi groups to help fight your wars under your banner. each faction is only allowed up to 7 mercenaries in their ranks for a war. The mercenaries are obligated to attend the battles and if they do not they will not get their payments. Payments are arranged between the mercenaries and the faction leader.

Rules Regarding AlliancesEdit

These rules are being put in place to try and keep wars to a sensible and meaningful size. In a set of broken factions over a giant nuclear wastland is makes very little sence to have world wars breaking out months after it happens.

  • Allies cannot call in their allies to a war they do not lead.
  • New Alliances may be created during wars
  • Groups in your groups allies are proper RF allies for war
  • If a faction is allied to both sides of the war it cannot participate.
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